Planting a legacy of stories

There’s nothing like a good story to take you out of yourself and into another world. Stories enrich our lives. They inspire us and transport us. They make us laugh, cry and curl up more snugly on our sofas … 

Here in Northern Ireland, we have a fair few storytellers and at Sesheta, we want to help give them a voice, especially those whose work may be less well-known. We want to champion local writers from all sections of our community, profiling popular genres which sometimes just don’t get the focus they deserve.

Who or what is Sesheta?

Sesheta is a new community group formed by NI writers Claire Savage and Kelly Creighton, whose short stories and poetry have appeared in various literary journals and who have both published novels.

Sesheta aims to advance literature and arts and culture for the public benefit, in particular, but not exclusively, by publishing creative fiction from a variety of writers currently living and working in Northern Ireland, with a specific focus on showcasing writing from new voices and under-represented writers (in terms of geographical location e.g. rural writers, and those from minority communities e.g. LGBTQ+, ethnic minority communities and genre-specific writers.)

We hope to enhance the profile of NI writers generally and to develop/deliver literary projects with a wider public benefit, including, but not limited to, those which support local charities.

‘Sesheta’ – our name is derived from the ancient Egyptian goddess of wisdom, knowledge and writing, known as Seshet or Sesheta, a scribe and record-keeper who was also referred to as the ‘mistress of books’. She’s said to have invented the alphabet and writing itself, so we thought her name was perfect for our organisation.

Our editors

Claire Savage

Claire Savage: Claire’s writing has appeared in journals including The Lonely Crowd and The Ghastling. Author of two middle-grade novels (Magical Masquerade; Phantom Phantasia), she has twice received General Arts Awards from the Arts Council NI and was one of Lagan Online’s 12NOW (New Original Writers) in 2016/17. 

Kelly Creighton

Kelly Creighton: Kelly’s books include The Sleeping Season, The Bones of It, Bank Holiday Hurricane and Three Primes. Her work features in Salt’s Best British Short stories 2018. She has received a General Award and an ACES award from Arts Council NI.

A Christmas anthology of Northern Irish writers

Launching in May 2020, Sesheta’s debut project is the publication of a Christmas Anthology, featuring festive stories in a range of genres from writers currently living and working in Northern Ireland. The project is being funded, with thanks, from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and we will open submissions from May 8 until June 8, 2020.

Please visit our Submissions page for details on how to submit your story.

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